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Keeping Your Brand In Front of Your Customers.


Keep Your Brand in Front of Your Customers
  • Increase Dealer CSI
  • Keep your brand in front of your customers
  • Direct links to specials, inventory, accessories, and more
  • Unlimited banner updates
  • Online Management Console
  • Value Added Service
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The Basic Idea

The DealerAdBrowser is a customized tablet based application providing car dealers the ability to keep their brand in front of lounge customers while they surf the Internet.

Through the DealerAdBrowser customers experience safe and secure browsing with banner ads leading to relevant products and services.

Dealers and Advertisers get the opportunity to put their message in front of a targeted audience with disposable income. Every ad that displays includes a direct link that will drive a customer to receive more information.

Customers, advertisers and auto dealers can rest assured that all browsing information is erased and the tablet is secure -- only allowing access to the DealerAdBrowser application.

What You Get When You Choose DealerAdBrowser.

  • Three Free Tablets
  • Three Free Portfolio Covers
  • Free Charging Station
  • Free Marketing Poster Templates
  • Unlimited Software Updates
  • Email Support
  • Online Account
  • Unlimited Updates to Banner Ads
  • Online Advertisement Management

With DealerAdBrowser we can keep marketing to customers while giving them a free tablet rental. It's a win/win situation that has helped us increase CSI and sales throughout the dealership."


DealerAdBrowser provides advanced security that your customers and staff will appreciate.

A Locked and Loaded Secure Solution.

  • Limits customer interaction to one Application
  • Customer cannot access setup, configuration or apps on the tablet
  • No personal information is stored
  • No browsing history is stored
  • Automatic Application Updates

What It Costs.

The DealerAdBrowser offers two options to get started.

Both include:
  • 3 Free 7" HD Tablets (optional 10")
  • Free Folio Covers
  • Free Charging Station
  • Unlimited Updates

The Essential Plan is ad-supporting offering a mix of third-party banner ads with the dealer marketing. For those auto dealers that prefer to own 100% of the advertising space, the Professional Plan is available.



50% of marketing is
dealer controlled
$ 49/m
Billed annually or $99 month-to-month.


100% of marketing is
dealer controlled
$ 199/m
Billed annually or $399 month-to-month.
* One time $299 setup fee includes account setup, configuration of tablets, and shipping. Please see terms and conditions for more information.

Have A Question? Find It Here.

  • What are 'best practices' for renting tablets?

    We've heard from several auto dealers about using the DealerAdBrowser as a key service in their lounge. Having the staff behind the value is the first step. Every service advisor should offer a tablet to customers when they are going to be waiting in the lounge. Adding signs throughout the dealership will help raise awareness. See some examples here.

    There are several ways that has worked for giving tablets to customers. A checkout system using the Parts Department or Cashier where the tablet is added to a Repair Order or the customer leaves some sort of collateral or even signs out the tablet. Over time you will find what works best for your dealer clientèle.

  • How are the two plans different?

    We offer two plans to accommodate dealerships. For those that want to save money and accept external marketing, the Essential Plan provides for 50% of the banner ads to rotate with external ads.

    For auto dealers that would like to control all the marketing on the tablet, the Professional Plan offers this flexibility.

    Examples of non-competitive advertisers are national brands, restaurants, malls, insurance companies, cell phone providers, etc. No advertiser will sell vehicles, automotive parts or accessories.

    The user experience of both programs is exactly the same regardless of the plan the dealer chooses.

  • Is user information safe while using the tablet?

    While we do not store personal information or browsing history, it is advised to use best practices when using a public, shared Internet connection. This is the same regardless of location or device.

    The custom browser is solely created for the purpose of service banner advertisement and provide a secure environment from user to user. Information transmitted over the Internet is provided by the dealership and it's provider partners. Feel free to search online for WIFI Privacy to learn best practices when browsing a shared WIFI Network.

  • I'm interested in advertising, what information can you send me?

    Great! We look forward to speaking with you. Please 'contact us' and we will be in touch. The DealerAdBrowser is growing rapidly with growth estimated at several hundred systems in the next few months we offer a targeted and personalized experience like no other application can. You can read more about advertising opportunities here.

    Who are the outside advertisers?

    Examples of non-competitive advertisers are national brands, restaurants, malls, insurance companies, cell phone providers, etc. No advertiser will sell vehicles, automotive parts or accessories.

  • I already use IPADS, how is this different?

    IPADS are great, but they open up the dealership to world of issues from holding browsing history and personal information to allowing someone complete access to the system. Our software not only controls the privacy of the browsing experience, but also limits the tablet to only run the DealerAdBrowser software.

    Don't forget, your marketing messaging is always in front of customers with the DealerAdBrowser and the message can speak directly to customers in the dealer lounge.

    Doesn't my WIFI provider already offer this?

    Most WIFI providers, or custom configured networks, have sign-on landing pages that are passed over and ignored. Customers can't ignore the marketing that is in front of them throughout the browsing experience with the DealerAdBrowser and it doesn't disrupt their Internet experience.

  • What do you suggest I put on the banner ads?

    Your creative mind is the only limitation. Inventory Search. Accessory Sale. Trade-In Value. These are just a few examples in addition to marketing messages on why you are the dealer of choice.

    How do I update my banner ads?

    Banner ads are updated in the console. Simply login to your account and upload new banners as often as you want. Do you have a new promotion or event coming up? Make the banner, upload it and the tablets all get updated.

  • Can I order more tablets?

    Yes! The dealer is required to maintain three tablets at all times. Additional tablets can be purchased and are delivered preconfigured for your account. Some larger dealerships have opted to get multiple accounts so they can target their marketing between different areas of the store. Please contact us if you have any questions or feedback.

    Marketing Strategies for Tablet Rentals

    We've created some banners and posters you can use around your store or in new customer welcome packages. You can add marekting to existing signs in the dealership, your website and anywhere that you show why your auto dealership is different then others.

    It's also important to get your staff involved and to reference the tablets as an extra perk for being a customer. They should offer free tablet rentals to every customer. The more the dealer staff see value, the more the tablets will get used and the more you will have your dealer brand in the hands of customers.

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